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 Bio of Tann'ani

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PostSubject: Bio of Tann'ani   11/7/2011, 6:22 pm

Race: Twi’lek
Subrace: Tukian
Nickname: Tani
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 3627BBY
Place of birth: Ryloth
Age: 26
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 60kg
Skin Color: Green
Eye Color: Blue
Class: Jedi Consular (shadow adv. class)
Advanced training: Infiltration, information gathering.

Image Here

Tann’ani was born in 3627 BBY into an ordinary Twi’lek family. Her father, Ree’ani was a guard in one of the local garrisons. Her mother, Seela’ani was a dancer in a local establishment. Her slender figure and beautiful long lekku made her many patrons’ favorite.
When she became pregnant however she could no longer perform. Her employer didn’t like that one of his main attractions will be taken out of commission and let the woman keep the child only if she promised that if it is a girl then when she comes of age she will work for him as well. He knew that if the child will look half as good as her mother it will be worth the wait. Even if the child would prove to be less beautiful she could still be sold as a slave.
The parents were praying for a male child but they were not so lucky.
The child was not only a girl but she had the color of her mother and had the promise to grow at least as beautiful as she is. There was nothing to do now; they knew that they can’t hide the child from Seela’ani’s boss. The old human had ears everywhere and with the backing of the huts there was no saying no to him. People who said no to him either disappeared or ended up in weird accidents.

Ree and Seela decided to cherish the time they had with their child and try not to think of the grim future. They gave her the name Tann’ani to symbolize the undying hope they had that she can escape the grim future waiting for her.
After her second birthday Tann’ani began to show signs of force sensitivity but her parents didn’t think much of it until she was three and the signs grew too strong to be ignored anymore.

Ree’ani realized the unique opportunity. The next day while at the garrison he went into the conference room and sent a message to Tython, reporting her own child for force sensitivity and offering her up to the order. He knew that this way they probably won’t see her ever again but at least it’s better than having the local crime lord take her as a dancer or worse.
A couple of days passed and a hooded figure appeared at their home identifying himself as Master Dohn Bur, he examined the little girl and found her to be indeed force sensitive. The next day Ree and Seela said their farewells, hugged their daughter for the last time and let her be taken far away into a hopefully brighter future.

In 3630BBY Tann’ani’s life with the order began. She showed great promise during her training quickly mastering most subjects she was thought. She was exceptionally good at military tactics and close range combat. She could remain unnoticed almost effortlessly if she desired.
At the age of eight she was chosen by Master Yuon Par to be her Padawan. Master Par quickly noticed how well Tann can remember small details effortlessly and she focused on developing this skill further. With time Tani was introduced to the local Twi’lek settlement Master Par told Tani to live among them for nine months without the obvious use of her force powers, the settlers were not to learn of her being a Jedi. She was to help them and try to completely blend in.

After the completion she would be quizzed on the habits of the villagers, their culture, and their folklore plus she is to write a thesis on everything else she learned. The more information she finds the better. She was forbidden to probe and actively spy or to antagonize the population in any way. This task was to enhance her passive information gathering skills and of course it couldn’t hurt for her to learn about her own species and practice her native language.

Tann’ani loved this assignment. She was eager to finally meet people like her and to see how they lived, she had only vague memories of her childhood so all this experience was completely new to her. During the nine months Tann’ani learned a lot of things from the villagers, things she didn’t have a chance to learn from her parents. Even though she enjoyed herself among the villagers she never forgot why she was sent there and she tried to retain as much information as she could.

When the nine months were over she said her goodbyes to the people and walked back to the enclave. Master Yuon Par was already waiting for her. She showed her into a room where she was given two padds and four hours. The first padd contained questions put together by her master about the villagers and their habits the second one was blank, it was to contain all information she thought important about the village and its residence and an essay about her general impressions.

Tann’ani started with the questions, she thought them to be surprisingly easy. She could remember even obscure details such as what did the third daughter of the village elder wear around her neck during rest days. The essay contained two sentences: “I have learned that the Force, while it helps us greatly, is not always needed to achieve our goals. We must not abuse it and always be mindful of the dark side because temptation is always there and one mistake can be enough for one to fall."
Her master was very impressed how accurately she could recall all the information asked of her but most importantly she was impressed by the wisdom little Tani showed at such an early age. Her expectations were high of Tann’ani but for a fourteen year old girl to have such wisdom it was very rare.

The next couple of years passed with Tann’ani training her close combat skills. Even though she was agile and quick she always felt she could be better. Master Par explained to her that while once betterment is a worthy goal, it can also be a dangerous pursuit and may lead to paths of the dark side.

When Tann’ani reached the age of twenty her master approached her and led her into her quarters. She put her in front of a large mirror and pointed out how beautiful she had become. “I know that some Jedi frown upon the method I will teach you but you have an advantage and you should use it if situation so brings that you cannot use the force or other means.”

The next couple of months passed with Tann’ani learning how to use her beauty to her advantage to gain information from people. She was surprised how easy it was to make men talk just by walking a certain way or just by gently touching their face with her hands and smiling. A few words could get her the information she needed; whereas before she had to carefully think about how to approach the subject and how to ask her questions, how frequently to ask them and what other random questions to ask so her true goal isn’t obvious.

Master Par was careful to teach the limits to which she is allowed to go: Under no circumstances was she allowed to go further than a simple hand touch; to do so would violate the Jedi code and would result in expulsion from the order. Hence seduction even for the sake of information gathering isn’t thought to Padawans. Yuoni decided on the contrary in this case because she thought that if anyone then Tann’ani will know the limits and will not be tempted to go further no matter what. A test she set up in a cantina proved her right. Tani was tasked to go into the establishment and find out when is the next slave shipment due to arrive. It took her barely longer than two hours when she walked out to tell her master the exact date.
The men with the information were placed there by Master Par herself and were told to try everything they could to make Tann’ani overstep the limit. Tann’ani was surprised to learn that this was a test and that her master was ready to expel her had she failed. She was a bit disappointed but she understood why her master did what she did.

The next three years passed with Tann’ani and her master traveling between planets and trying to help worlds that were struck by the war, many times they have seen combat and had to fight loosing battles, victories were few but whenever they were able to free a small settlement or gather information about enemy movements it felt like like small victories.
At the age of twenty-five she was almost ready to undertake the trials to knighthood but an important mission came up. She was told to go with Knight Rho-Koon to meet a group of people with whom she is to complete a mission with.
The next day they left, toward the meeting point. This was the first time Tann’ani was feeling a bit nervous. Even though she was sent on missions without her master before she felt that this one will be different. After boarding the transport together with Rho-Koon she excused herself and went into her quarters to meditate and prepare for what lied ahead...

Based on information from Darthhater, torsindicate, wookipedia, twilek dictionary.
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Bio of Tann'ani
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