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 Bio of Mitlek Kronx

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PostSubject: Bio of Mitlek Kronx   11/7/2011, 4:27 am

Species/Race: Human
Name: Mitlek
Middle Name:
Last Name: Kronx
Nickname: Kronx
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 1,85 m
Weight: 85 kg
Body Appearance: Muscular
Home Planet: Corellia
Current Residence: Tython
Ship: The Hopefull
Armor: Light, Flexible
Type of lightsaber: 2 Lightsabers, Middle Size
Lightsaber colours: Blue
Fighting Style: Form IV - Jar'Kai


It was twenty years before the Sacking of Coruscant, when two highly Force Sensitive children were born on the planet Corellia. These two children were named: Mitlek and Deonai Kronx.

Four years later, a Imperial fleet of Sith Warships appeared out of nowhere. The local defence of Corellia responded immediately when the Warships opened fire on the Corellians. Mitlek's father was part of Corellia's local defence, and was send into space to protect the planet. This was where his father fought his last battle. Mitlek's father died, and even before the news was spread, both Mitlek and Deonai knew who killed their father... They could sense is somehow...

The Corellians managed to destroy multiple Warships, wich caused the remaining ships to flee, including the man who killed Mitlek's father..

In the years after this battle, Mitlek's family was ruïned. Especially his mother. She just couldn't recover from the loss of her husband. Deonai had the same problem, when Mitlek tried to calm him down, he swore he would destroy the ones responsible for his father's death... This was when a starship crashed nearby..

Mitlek and Deonai rushed towards the crash site, and found a survivor. They brought the survivor inside Mitlek's house, where his mother looked after him. When the man regained consciousness, he revealed he was a Jedi Master...

Mitlek got obsessed with the Jedi's way of living. When the Jedi was fully recovered, and was about to leave the planet with his repaired ship, Mitlek asked if he could come with him. This was when the Jedi sensed the strong presence of the Force inside both him, and his brother. After getting the approval of their mother, the Jedi took them to Coruscant, where they would begin their Jedi training.

It was eight years later, and both Mitlek as Deonai nearly completed their training to Jedi Knight, when Mitlek and Deonai were send on a mission along with a Jedi Knight. This was to test how Mitlek and Deonai could perform without their masters leading them. They were to track down a highly active bouny hunter..

The search took them to Dantooine, where they found, and confronted the bouny hunter. The Jedi Knight managed to disarm the bounty hunter, when Mitlek and Deonai sensed the same thing they did many years ago, with the battle of Corellia. This bounty hunter was the man who killed their father.. Both Mitlek and Deonai got obsessed with anger, and strongly wanted to kill the bounty hunter, and get their revenge on him for killing their father. The Jedi Knight sensed this, and tried to convince them it was not the Jedi way... Mitlek calmed down after these words... But Deonai did not... He activated his lightsaber, and jumped towards the bounty hunter, to slay him down. The Jedi Knight tried to stop him by force pushing Deonai away from the bouny hunter, but Deonai was to fast. After sensing this, Deonai attacked the Jedi. Once again the Jedi Knight reacted to slow, and Deonai killed the Jedi. Mitlek got overwhelmed by this event, and was unable to react... Deonai spat on the Jedi Knight's corpse, and started moving towards the bounty hunter again. The bounty hunter begged Deonai to spare his life... But Deonai wouldn't listen. Hate controlled his body, as he turned to the Dark Side of the Force. Deonai killed the bounty hunter...

"Let's go brother. Let's get out of here...", Deonai said. Mitlek remained silent. "No...". Deonai seemed surprised by Mitlek's descision, and walked towards him. "Come to your senses... We have what we've always wanted... Now let's get out of here, before anyone starts looking for the Knight.", Deonai said. "No Deonai. You have what you've always wanted. You betrayed the Jedi Order, wich includes me. I am not going anywhere with you", Mitlek said after a short while. "Fine. You stay with your pathetic little Order, while I go search for something that truly fits me, just like it should fit you!", Deonai said extremely irritated. Mitlek activated his lightsaber. Deonai wasn't surprised by this action, and responded imediately to activate his lightsaber. Mitlek attacked. Deonai blocked the attack smoothly, wich made the lightsabers cross. While sensing the hate growing stronger inside Deonai's mind, Mitlek knew his life had changed forever...

Mitlek was the first to attack. A few quick slides should do their job. But Deonai managed to block all the attacks, and was able to make his first offensive move. Mitlek avoided the attack by jumping backwards, but before Mitlek even landed on the ground, Deonai made his second move. He made a stabbing move towards Mitlek. Mitlek turned sidewards while still being in the air, and managed to hit Deonai in his face with his fist. Mitlek made a upper slide, aiming for Deonai's arm. But Deonai recovered fast enough to respond. Deonai kicked Mitlek in his face, wich made him fall back. Deonai jumped up in the air to make the finishing move.

But suddenly a powerfull Force Push made Deonai fly backwards. Mitlek stood up, while trying to discover the one responsible for that move, when Jedi Grandmaster Satele Shan appeared. "I thought you might use some help, Mitlek Kronx", Satele said. Mitlek smiled, and focussed himself on his confused brother again, while a Republic Transport ship appeared. Multiple Republic Troopers jumped out the transport. Deonai realised this fight was lost, and used Force Speed to flee. "Thank you master Shan", Mitlek said. "You're most welcome Mitlek. I was close by when I sensed you two fighting here. So I descided to help you". Mitlek stepped into the transport, when he heard someone whispering in his head; "We will meet again brother..."

In the following years Mitlek completed his training to Jedi Knight, changed his fighting style into the Jar'Kai form, and was send on several missions. Recently, a Jedi Padawan returned to Coruscant heavily wounded. He told the medical droids he and his master fought a Sith Lord, calling himself Darth Kronx. His master got killed, but the padawan managed to flee to Coruscant. This indicated that Mitlek's long lost brother had returned, and had found himself a new master.

A few days later Mitlek was send to the planet Dathomir. Intel indicated the Imperial forces have been quite active in this area, so Mitlek was send to defend the Republic's Command Post there. The only problem was... The Republic's forces we're limited...

Although... Only a few miles away from the Republic Command Post, the Empire was gathering it's forces, to start an assault on the Command Post, with Dark Kronx leading them. The attack would involve both space and ground, to make it almost impossible for the Republic to win the fight.

"Sir. Our forces are ready to begin the assault", a Imperial Agent said. Deonai, who was standing on a big rock, didn't responded. "Sir?". The wind started to blow, and let Deonai's black robe dance in the air. "Good. Very good", Deonai eventually said. "So... What should we do?" the Imperial Agent asked nervously. "Begin the attack. Leave no survivors", Deonai said after remaining silent for a few seconds. Deonai activated his new, red lightsaber. He pointed the laster towards the north, where the Republic Command Post was settled, and started running towards it, with his forces following him immediately.

The Command Post was in a uproar when the Imperial Army was noticed. The Imperial canon's opened fire, and were destroying the Republic Sniper towers. "Return fire!", Mitlek shouted. Mitlek and the other Jedi's, send to aid Mitlek, stood in a circle, discussing their next move. A lasershot exploded only a few meters away from them, wich caused the Jedi's to put a few steps back. "Carmi and Haena will take the pilots into space. Nopar, Ytra and Qwalmo will follow my lead in the ground war", Mitlek said. The Jedi's nod. Carmi and Haena ran towards the starfighters, to enter the space battle. "Trooper, call for reinforcements! We're gonna need them!", Mitlek shouted to a passing by Trooper. A tower exploded, and collapsed on top of a few Troopers, which made the Imperials able to enter the Command Post. "Hold them back!!". A few Troopers positioned themselves near the broken wall, to hold of the Imperials, when a black shade entered the Command Post. Wielding a red lightsaber, he killed the Troopers positioned near the wall. It was Deonai. Mitlek activated his blue lightsabers. "You know what to do", he said to the Jedi's, as he used Force Speed to run towards his brother.

Deonai knew he was coming, so he was able to block Mitlek's first upcoming attack, while making a few Troopers fly away with Force Crush. Mitlek tried to unbalance Deonai by pushing him towards the ground, but Deonai was to strong. "I see you have adapted your fighting style, brother...", Deonai said with a evil smile. "I see you have become even more uglier than you already were", Mitlek said with a sarcastic smile. Deonai growled, and kicked Mitlek on his knee, wich made him almost fall on the ground. A few starfighters flew over the Command Post, chasing each other. One of them got hit, and started crashing. Mitlek attacked Deonai with a fast, low slide. Followed by another slide from the oposite direction. Deonai blocked the attacks easily, while he noticed a starfighter was coming right towards him. Mitlek attacked again while aming for Deonai's knee, followed by another one aimed for his chest. Deonai blocked the attacks, and forced Mitlek into a lightsaber cross. Deonai pushed Mitlek away from him, and jumped back. Now Mitlek also noticed the incoming starship, but was to late. Mitlek was able to jump up in the air, avoiding the ship itself, but wasn't high enough to avoid the following explosion. Mitlek flew ten meters through the air, and crashed on the hard floor. Not even a second later, Deonai jumped towards Mitlek...

Mitlek was confused, but able to react by using Force Grib. Deonai was surprised, but unable to react on it. Mitlek threw Deonai to the right, which made him crash into a watch tower. Mitlek managed to stand up, and grab his lightsabers. Mitlek moved towards the collapsed watch tower, as Deonai climbed out the ruins. Deonai coughed, and focussed himself on Mitlek again. As the battle around the brothers went on, they moved towards each other slowly. Right when they reached each other, Deonai opened the attack with a powerfull slash. Mitlek blocked the attack hardly with one lightsaber, and then attacked himself by striking under Deonai's lightsaber. Deonai noticed Mitlek's intention, and hardly blocked Mitlek's fast attack. Mitlek then started with a vicious, but steady offensive march forward. While using his two lightsabers against his brother, Mitlek drove Deonai back.

Deonai had a hard time blocking Mitlek's fast attacks. However, Deonai managed to hold his own, for now. Mitlek continued his offensive march by wielding his two lightsabers like a tornado. Mitlek made a fast slide from the right. Deonai blocked it hardly, but saw an oportunity to turn the tide, when he saw Mitlek's other arm coming to attack Deonai from the left. Deonai caught Mitlek's arm with his bare hands, and planted his head in Mitlek's chest. Mitlek fell backwards, but managed to remain on his feet. Deonai saw his chance to gain the offensive, and attack Mitlek with a powerfull strike coming from below. Mitlek noticed it right in time, and managed to block the strike with his left lightsaber, and push it away from him, leaving Deonai's right side open for an attack. Mitlek then used his other lightsaber to attack Deonai from the right. With Deonai's defences gone, Mitlek slashed his brother on the chest, defeating him. Deonai moaned, and fell on his knees. Deonai smiled at his brother, then he collapsed on the hard ground...

Mitlek stepped away from his defeated brother, and nearly fell over a small rock. Mitlek stabbed his lightsaber into the ground, hoping he could lean on it, but the lightsaber cut through the stone ground, and made Mitlek fall on his face.

While leaving Mitlek unconscious, the battle raged on. The Republic managed to win the space battle, which made the remaining starfighters able to give the ground troops air support. This turned the tide, and the Empire was defeated.

A few hours later all wounded troops were transported on a medical frigate, when Mitlek regained consciousness. A man in a tight unifrom was standing in the shadows next to the door. "Where am I?", Mitlek asked the man. The man seemed surprised. "You are aboard the Unhicle, a medical frigate", the man said. "I appologise if I am being rude now, but who are you and what are you doing here?", Mitlek said. "My name is Military General Niop Abminous. And I am here to deliver you some news", the man said. "News?", Mitlek asked confused. "Yes. I am here to tell you that you got the attention of Admiral Fredrik Kay Havoc, leader of the Strategic Defence Initiative", Abminous said. Mitlek remained silent. "You are being transferred to a new division", the man said, as he stepped out of the shadows. It was a Mon Calamari. His bright, friendly eyes looked Mitlek in the eyes. "They seem to like you", Abminous said, as he winked to Mitlek. Mitlek was still full of questions, as the Mon Calamari stepped out of the room. A medical droid entered the room, and started to nurse Mitlek's remaining injuries...

"A new division... A whole new start... A whole new adventure... It seems somebody likes me up there...", Mitlek said to the medical droid, since there was no one else in the room to listen to him, as he looked to the ceiling.
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Bio of Mitlek Kronx
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