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 Master Kitus Enko

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PostSubject: Master Kitus Enko   6/7/2011, 6:28 am

The Nautolan Kitus Enko was born into a humble family of fishermen on the peaceful, oceanic garden world of Glee Anselm. The middle child of five, he quickly drew attention for his prodigious swimming skills, due to his as yet undiscovered force connection, winning several planet-wide swimming competitions.

He grew up as any (seemingly) average Nautolan would do, swimming, fishing and hunting, until that night.

On the eve of his eighth birthday, he was woken from his slumber by the ominous thundering boom of long range artillery. Scrambling out of his bed, he grabbed his ceremonial spear, and leaped down into the main family area, where his father stood.

A hulk of a man, Valar Enko stood easily over seven feet, his head-tresses looping across his shoulders and down his back, bearing scars of his many hunting victories as Hunter Prime of the Enko clan.

"Kitus! I need you to ta-"

His father's last sentence was cut short as the ceiling collapsed on top of him, unable to withstand the shockwaves of the mysterious bombardment. None of the houses could.

Kitus ran to his dying father. Half of his face was missing. Unable to speak, Valar gestured with his remaining fingers to the ceremonial pendant around his chest, a green crystal from the great underwater caverns of Glee Anselm. Kitus fumbled with it, before taking his only heirloom carefully from around his father's neck.

He kissed him goodbye, then left as Valar slipped finally into the embrace of his maker.

Overcome by sorrow, it took Kitus several seconds to comprehend the horror of the world he'd entered.

Corpses littered the waterways, blue, green and brown hands lay limp from the ruins of what had been called homes once.

He'd never see his again.

Stumbling through the smoke, the eight year old orphan gained his first glimpse of the invaders. Mandalore.

Their white armour contrasted harshly with the splattered obnoxious colours of the carnage they'd created, as they kicked down the home-made wooden doors of the defenceless villagers, and butchering those they found inside.

Not leaving anything to chance, Kitus dived into the water to avoid detection, before swimming several miles, to the nearest settlement, Wroshuko. It was deserted.

What if this genocide had reached every village already? Why had nobody done anything?

Kitus fell to the ground, exhausted by his marathon swim, his adrenaline surge leaving him, as tears took it's place. He cried for his family, the survivors, the crippled, the captured, rage building up as he fought to understand why the Mandalorians would want such a resource-less world for their empire.

Footsteps sounded behind him. Kitus sprang up, teeth bared, eyes blazing, ready to join the fallen.

"Be calm, young one." A hooded man spoke.

This was not the tongue of the Mandalore.

"I am sorry for your loss, young one." continued the hooded figure, removing it to reveal a bearded, middle-aged human carrying a lightsaber at his side. A jedi.

Kitus detected subtle pheramones in his head-tresses from the jedi, sensing he was truly sorry for the murder of his family. His rage subsided, but not completely.

"Why didn't you stop them? YOU COULD HAVE STOPPED THEM!"

"I am truly sorry, young one, but even the might of the Republic cannot be everywhere at once."

As he said this, Republic troopers emerged behind him from the smoke and mist, while drop ships descended from the sky. Watercraft rose from the depths, while atmospheric battles between Republic and Mandalore cruisers lit up the heavens.

"You do not think we would leave such a prize undefended, especially one so close to Tython?" The jedi's eyebrow rose, as he gestured for Kitus to come toward him.

Kitus stumbled forward to a medical team, who tended to his wounds before putting him in a medical transport, where he was sent to Tython for long-term treatment and councilling.

It was no surprise that the jedi had found Kitus. The pair's high midichlorian count had drawn the two together, and Kitus was quickly initiated into the order, with little problems despite his age, as the young Nautolan had no parents to protest.

Rising to padawan within four years, Kitus was apprenticed to Master Lothern, the jedi who found him on Glee Anselm. The two travelled together on many missions, forging a strong bond, and a reputation as excellent negotiators.

Kitus was promoted to Jedi Knight after only seven years of apprenticeship, due to his suppressed need of vengeance against the Mandalore compelling him to practise at any spare moment, whether it be swordplay or the art of diplomacy.

Also allowed to contrust his own lightsaber, Kitus chose to incorporate his father's treasured talisman into his new weapon, vowing to honour his father's name with his blade.

Over the following few years, Kitus was made a master, and Master Enko was given his own padawan, a young Mon Calamari by the name of Ceelo Tarl. Together they travelled the galaxy, each earning respect as the most prestigious swordsmen in the order.

Until the day came.

Alone in his quarters, Kitus was suddenly interrupted from his meditation by Ceelo.

"Master I have a message, and it brings me no pleasure to read it. You have been given your marching orders, Master. You're going to be joining some group, the S.D.I? Never heard of them. Led by some admiral. Sounds pretty elite. Nice one, master."

Kitus stood up.

"Ceelo, I am now promoting you to the rank of Jedi Knight, I hope you will bring glory and justice to me, the order, and yourself. But remember, I will be there for whenever you need me, and hope that one day you will offer me the same service. Goodbye, old friend, and may the force be with you."

And with that he left the room, and made the way to the transport bay.
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Master Kitus Enko
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