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 SDI Vitals

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Berend Karlinger

Berend Karlinger

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PostSubject: SDI Vitals   5/7/2011, 6:51 pm

hey SDI'ers. if you are joining up in the joined RP thing please make sure you post your vitals here. Our Paladin Pen Pals use those, so lets return the favor.

like this one. its one of theirs obviously, take the example.

Name: Razz L'ithar
Class: Jedi Knight, Guardian, Defence
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Race: Zabrak

Physical Appearance - General: 6ft 4in, Large shoulders Build, Iridonian
Physical Appearance - Close up: Orange/Peachy skin, Horns in a crown like circle, Traditional face tattoo
Physical Appearance - Distinguishing features: One horn is considerably shorter than the others, cut off by blaster fire.
Physical Appearance - Movement: Up right postion almost always. Slow moving usually, but at a run he is quick.

Psychology - General: Has a strong mind, and survivability, willing to do much to stay alive.
Psychology - Additional: Has a strong sense of compassion for living things.
Psychology - Philosophy: Follows the Jedi Code, loyal to the Councils Teachings. Bends the rules to the extreme to further help others.
Psychology - Habits: At times of great emotion, he must pray/meditate about his Master
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Berend Karlinger

Berend Karlinger

Posts : 35
Join date : 2011-07-05
Age : 30
Location : The Netherlands

PostSubject: Re: SDI Vitals   5/7/2011, 7:22 pm

Name: Berend Karlinger
Class: Trooper, Commando, Command and Control
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Race: Human

Physical Appearance - General: 6ft 0in, not to large in the shoulders, but still looking pretty stong
Physical Appearance - Close up: Pale-blank skin. Short black hair that is getting a very faint grey touch.
Physical Appearance - Distinguishing features: Sharp penetrating eyes, and sharp nose. Completely in top condition when in officer outfit.
Physical Appearance - Movement: Calm precise movements, with a very straight back. When in combat however he does what is necessary.

Psychology - General: Has a strong mind, and survivability, willing to do almost anything to stay alive. Does not enter combat unless he has no choice, has talent for it, but why if he has his troops to do it for him?
Psychology - Additional: Talent for both trade, diplomacy and command. Has a very keep strategic an tactical mind, although sometimes very brutal.
Psychology - Philosophy: He does what needs doing, no matter the consequence.
Psychology - Habits: Can be a bit overly harsh to his subordinates, and can sometimes overstep the bounds of his authority.

my sidekick/alts's
Name: Francis
Class: Ex-Sith Warrior, Anti-Force user combat trainer. (would be a dark jedi knight ingame i guess)
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Race: Human

Physical Appearance - General: 6ft 2in, large very strong and agile looking man.
Physical Appearance - Close up: Brownish-blank skin. Half long blonde hair, in a ponytail when he knoe he is going into combat, otherwise just moved out of the way.
Physical Appearance - Distinguishing features: Faint yellow eyes.
Physical Appearance - Movement: Calm precise movements, uses quick dance-like movements in combat.

Psychology - General: Survivor, holds a grudge against the Sith and Jedi both. Trains a group of his own recruits in anti-Sith/Jedi combat by learning them to move like those and use their combat skills with vibroblades and teamwork.
Psychology - Additional: Does not fight or injure someone without a reason. Will find any reason acceptable at times however, loves the thrill or combat.
Psychology - Philosophy: has none really, he just lives because he likes to live.
Psychology - Habits: Sometimes picks a fight with the wrong person, especially when Jedi are involved. Can restrain himself for the most part though.

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PostSubject: Re: SDI Vitals   5/7/2011, 11:26 pm

Hey everyone (SDI and Paragons), here's the stats for my char, Master Kitus Enko.

Name: Kitus Enko
Class: Jedi Knight (Master), Guardian, Defence
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Race: Nautolan

Physical Appearance - General: 6ft 2in, lean and muscular, not overly stocky.
Physical Appearance - Close-up: Vibrant green skin, piercing blue eyes, multiple head-tresses of varying length.
Physical Appearance - Distinguishing features: Nautolans are a rarity in most parts of the galaxy, head-tresses often draw unwanted attention.
Physical Appearance - Movement: Agile and athletic, often running, and using the force to move quickly and jump large distances, without trouble.

Psychology - General: Firm and strong in command, unafraid to enter combat if necessary (confident in abilities), widely considered wise and a reliable leader.
Psychology - Additional: Talented negotiator, often aided by mind-altering abilities of the force - and head-tresses, which are able to detect emotion and mental state.
Psychology - Philosophy: A weapon is always a last resort.
Psychology - Habits: Often cautious and measured, less likely than others to jump into the action without considering the consequences.
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Location : Transylvania

PostSubject: Re: SDI Vitals   11/7/2011, 8:55 pm

Name: Tann'ani
Class: Jedi Consular, Shadow, offense
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Race: Twi'lek
Subrace: Tukian

Physical Appearance - General: Height:1.80m weight 60kg, slender figure, generally regarded as beautiful.
Physical Appearance - Close-up: Green skin, blue eyes.
Physical Appearance - Distinguishing features: Ring shaped marks on Lekku
Physical Appearance - Clothing: Usually wearing a simple, light uni-color evening gown, that has a slit on the left side so it does not restrict movement in any way.
Physical Appearance - Movement: Very elegant and graceful in everything she does.

Psychology - General: Very casual and fun to be around.
Psychology - Additional: Usually thinks more then 3 steps ahead; doesn't act without thinking.
Psychology - Philosophy: All life is sacred.
Psychology - Habits: Likes to meditate a lot, when not meditating she is either training or helping others with whatever they need.
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Location : Volendam, The Netherlands

PostSubject: Re: SDI Vitals   12/7/2011, 7:20 am

Name: Mitlek Kronx
Class: Jedi Knight, Sentinel, Frontline fighter
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Race: Human

Physical Appearance - General: 1,85 meters, muscular body appearance
Physical Appearance - Close up: white skin. Short blonde hair styled downwards.
Physical Appearance - Distinguishing features: Talented young Jedi. Very fast and skilled with the lightsaber. Has sarcastic humour, sometimes a bit to sarcastic for a Jedi.
Physical Appearance - Movement: Very fast and flexible movements, combined with strength.

Psychology - General: Is always ready for a fight. Sometimes prefers to do it otherwise, but is willing to fight to the death if nescessary. Is able to fend of multiple enemies at once with his two lightsabers.
Psychology - Additional: Has talent for getting into trouble. Likes to give sarcastic comments whenever possible. Still suffers of a feeling of guilt for him killing his brother, who turned to the Dark Side.
Psychology - Philosophy: Wants to protect the ones he cares about at all costs.
Psychology - Habits: Likes to give sarcastic comments whenever possible.

I have a few 'sidekicks/alts', but they will most likely be already dead when this RP begins so there is no need for me to describe them lolz
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PostSubject: Re: SDI Vitals   

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SDI Vitals
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