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 Francis (berend's semi-sidekick & alt

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Berend Karlinger

Berend Karlinger

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PostSubject: Francis (berend's semi-sidekick & alt   5/7/2011, 10:14 am

i never wrote an offical story for this guy. i just improvised him while writing a piece of RP on our own forum. I really liked him though, so he became my alt, and a side-kick that shows up sometimes. This is the out take from that RP, so it might have some weirdness in it, for those who are not in-the-know about the details.

Francis was sitting on top of a crate of turbo laser shells. He watched his men train with their carefully crafted vibroblades, moving and tumbling around each other, only attacking when they saw an opening.

It almost looked like a dance, graceful movements accompanied by lightning strikes when the swords touched and thunderclouds hanging behind them in the form of their black armor. The movements were used by Jedi who trained in the way of Sokan. A relatively new combat form that relied on quick maneuvering and agility. They did that well, and relied on team work with each other to overcome any possible threats.

Francis looked down at his own vibroblade, it was an ugly white thing. It worked beautifully though and he had used it through many trials. It was not his only weapon though, he had his trusty blaster pistol and most important of all, his brains. He who storms into conflict is already dead, he must proof himself alive by standing while his opponents lay still on the battlefield.

He looked back up and saw Thomas make a wide swing at Ciska, she ducked underneath his blow and thrust up her knee in his pelvis. His armor blocked the brunt of the blow though, and he managed to put the hilt his sword hard in her neck while they tumbled over the floor.

When he saw this Francis stood up and yelled, “Stop, you fools. You know better than that! Keep mobile and don’t get in to a fist fight with Jedi. They may look like a bunch monks, but they’ll kick your ass is hand to hand. Keep distance, move around and don’t be too aggressive! Think!”

Thomas and Ciska crawled to their knees and said in unison “Yes, master.” They retook their positions and started over, just like the others in his group. His best student was using a double edged blade and was training with two of his friends, he jumped on a stack of battle plating while he whirled his sword around, deflecting one and dodging the other.

Francis looked at his students. They might never be able to deal with Jedi Knight or master one on one, but they could beat the crap out of Sith when they worked together, he knew that for sure. He was immensely proud of them, and loved each and every one of them as if they were his family.

This would be their first time going up against real Sith instead of beating down bounty hunters and mercenaries though, so they would have to do their best. He watched his reflection in the silvery floor plates, and studied his yellowish eyes. People instantly knew him for what he was, or used to be.

He might be Human, but only one group of Humans had yellow tinted eyes. Sith. After he had fled the Empire he lived in exile for some years on Myomar, but after being discovered by the Republic he freely gave himself to the Jedi Council.

When he was delivered long stretches of interrogation where ahead of him, he told them what they wanted to know and why he had to leave the empire. He had tried to kill his master, but failed and was now hunted by his previous master through the galaxy.

Although he was still very young, as large minority voted to have him executed. So they decided on a compromise. He would live, but was never allowed to leave Coruscant nor use the force in anyway.

He suddenly woke up from his day dream, by someone’s scream. He scanned the room to see what happened and saw that Enriqo, his dual-bladed student, had been taken down by his less experienced opponents. One had apparently just dropped his blade and jumped to Enriqo, grabbing his legs while the other preformed a brutal two headed blow. This brought him crashing down, rocking his helmed head against the battle plating.

Francis stood up and began clapping “Good job boys! Well done indeed! Everyone switch pares and continue, now use the Makashi style!” His students now reformed into random groups, and instead of using the lumbering but powerful Sokan form, became very swift and precise. This often resulted in disarmed opponents, and so were thus training to retain their weapons.

He now went back into his thoughts. He had worked as a bouncer at some random clubs throughout the lower regions of Coruscant. When he grew tired of that he decided to set up a mercenary guild, with some of the friends he had made down there. He trained them in the Sith fighting styles, using steel blades and what every they could get their hands on. They became a relative success, fighting for local crime lords.

Once the Karlinger family hired him, everything changed though. Berend was still in control back then, and he needed some help dealing with some scum he had hired for his factories. He had dealt swiftly with them, and found himself being hired more and more often by Berend until he was in his permanent employment, and even friendship after he had saved his live in a bombing.

Things had gone upwards from there, he had near endless resources to train his men and never lacked in anything. After some time he had told Berend why his eyes where yellow, and that was a Sith in exile. Karlinger seemed to care little, more interested in who he was now than what he used to be.

There is when the golden age ended for him for the most part though. He had used the Force to destroy a few of his opponents when he was almost killed with a flame thrower. He crushed them into the wall, killing them both. He was caught in the act by the Jedi Order though and the day after the incident taken into custody and thrown into jail. In secret, as they did not want the public to know who he was.

They could still not deal with him permanently though as all they could proof was that it was self-defence. They still locked him up for years none the less and he was only released upon Karlinger’s joining of SDI.

He was released, apparently as part of a deal made by Karlinger with the Senators, Crime Lords and Jedi Order to keep the peace in the lower regions of Coruscant, without losing any business deals or important assests.

And now, here he was. Training his students like he was before, and even away from Coruscant. And yet better, he was hopefully able to kill himself some Sith scumbags!

He had seen enough for today. Francis stood up on his crate and said "Listen up scumbags! We are done for today. Get some hot chow in the mess and hit the showers!" he now pointed his blade at Thomas and Ciska in turns.

"Stay." They nodded, and the trio waited in silence for the rest to leave the hangar. Once the others where gone Francis relaxed, and sat down on the crate again. "You two need to keep your heads cool," Ciska tried to protest but he cut her off, "no excuses you dumb bantha brain! do what i say or ill kick you back out into the slums i fished you out of!"

Thomas nodded, he was not as hot headed anymore as Ciska, and he new that it was true. "Yes sir, next time i'll do better sir. Anyway, can we talk about some of the tactics we have used today? i fear that if we are cut of from the main for.." Thomas saw Francis stiffen, and they all turned their attention at the big hangar door that led deeper in to the ship as it opened.
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Francis (berend's semi-sidekick & alt
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