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 Berend Karlinger

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Berend Karlinger

Berend Karlinger

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PostSubject: Berend Karlinger   5/7/2011, 9:49 am

Hey guys, here are my two bio's. the top one is my offical one, the second is one made by slug, gives a good impression lolz.

BIO 1 Happy

Strategic Defence Initiative
Personnel file: #00045547A

Subject Name: Berend Karlinger, Human.
Age: 37
Homeworld: Corrusant.


Born into the noble family of Karlinger, son of Uzuman and Tyr Karlinger, Berend Karlinger was brought up in the high sections of Corrusant. The Karlinger family is rich, and influential in both the Galactic senate and according to rumours in the galactic underworld.

Berend Karlinger is the current head of the Karlinger family, having one younger brother who runs Merr-Sonn from day to day. Berend Karlinger has a high degree of diplomacy (intimidation) skills, and is a skilled business acumen.


His methods are known to be ruthless, but the many suspected illegal activities cannot be proven for the most part. A few are, such as medical trials on scientists and dealing with criminals, but we have not been authorized to act on this. His influence on corrupted politicians, and suspected blackmailing of those who are not corrupt keep us from bringing him down.

Part of this reason is because he has a small army at his disposal, with access to high grade military material. This would be a very had nut to crack. And also, the man himself seems to be a highly skilled combat expert. He trains with the weapons he has manufactured and as such is used to a high variety of weapons.

This was proven once, when he took out a Mandelorian without any help. Or so he said when he dumped the bloody carcass on the doorstep of senator Cullop S’yle of Sullust.

When he was questioned by a jedi he refused to talk, saying he distrusted Jedi’s with their magic tricks. His opinion of the Jedi council is well known, he has been pushing that agenda for years; the Jedi council should be disbanded and it members watched closely. He does not trust a Jedi’s abilities to touch minds and manipulate situations.

He has a similar, but not unknown among nobles, outlook on the lower classes. He thinks nothing of those lower classes, and uses and extorts them without thought. He is an arrogant man who does not like to be talked back to, by his superiors. When someone in his employment does this, it often has dire consquences.


Merr-Sonn is producer of high grade and experimental weaponry almost on the scale of the Republic Armoury on Corrusant. Merr-Sonn sell to anyone who pays, and as such is very popular with some senators who have shadier background or those who wish the best of the best for their bodyguards, planetary militia or so forth. They also act as a producer for the Republic, when in state of total war, such as with the Sith Incursion Crisis.

Merr-Sonn produces cheap, and as such is popular. The reason they are cheap is thought to be because of forced labour, or slavery if you will. It has not been proven, but many of the companies men have been spotted in the lower regions of Corrusant near factories guarding labourers while they work. Beating them to keep them in line and working.

As vile as slave labour is, there have been numerous other infractions (some as bad or worse) that we suspect or can proof. Shady medical trials, weapons trials dealing with criminals (Hutts and bounty hunters even. No connections with Sith as far as we know though).


The influence the Karlinger has within the Senate, the planetary government and even in criminal organisations outside of Corrusant is well known to most people who deal with him. He does not try to hide it, he just makes it near impossible to proof.

The influence he has, comes from several sources. Most important is likely the fact that he is the owner of Merr-Sonn. He provides the weapons governments need to defend themselves when they can’t count on the republic to come to their aid (fast enough). Of course there are other companies that try to do the same, but not on the same scale or quality.

Furthermore, being of noble blood has can call on family ties to other nobles which is always a help when it comes to influencing situations. On the same note, when it is known that you are family or close friend to a Karlinger it has two consequences. People distrust you, but are also afraid to offend the Karlingers, as this could cost you the possibilities to trade with Merr-Sonn.

And lastly, what we can’t really proof but know for sure. The Karlinger family has always used blackmail, extortion, intimidation to affect people’s lives. The current head of the house will most likely be no different.

Enrolment into the SDI

So, why would he even want to enrol into the SDI then? Like with so many others within the SDI it was not entirely his own choice. A failed business transaction with a large criminal network put a huge price on his head. Something not even his own men could protect him against, as one of them was as likely to stab him in the back for such a sum of money as his enemies were.

At that point he decided to go to war. A massive gang war erupted in the underworld, explosions and death spread like a plague almost pushing the mighty Merr-Sonn to its knees. At some point even the Republic got involved, making it one of the most serious small scale conflicts on coruscant and the space around it. Some ground skirmishes, and dog fights in space almost looked like a regular three way war. Severely weakened as well by two years of almost continual conflict, the cartels offered a treaty, brokering for cease fire between the cartels, the Republic and Merr-Sonn.

As part of the deal Berend Karlinger had to leave the company to his brother, with whom they had no problem and he could not do business with the underworld on Corrusant. As much as he disliked this, he understood that a continued conflict would likely weaken his house even more. Fearing that the other nobles might prey on him in this weakened state, he agreed and left Merr-Sonn to his brother.

Berend, who is a control freak decided that he would go in a different type of business from that point onwards.
He joined the Republic Army as a NCO because of his leadership skills and proven combat abilities. In a few year he rose through the ranks until he was a captain when the Sith Invasion occurred.

While he was not on Corrusant itself, he proved his abilities when he raided a Sith base hidden deep inside the Republic lines. Although greatly outnumbered he won the day because of some unconventional warfare tactics.

He first transported his men down to the planet, after which he set his Hammerhead class patrol cruiser on a trajectory to enter atmosphere and crash itself onto the base’s shield installation and main defensive wall and installation. He now split his men in three groups. He left two groups outside the compound, setting up hidden flank and crossfire positions.

The was in the lead when he charged inside through the gap in the wall, where was met with the expected return fire of an overwhelming Sith force. He hold his position for some time, making sure the Sith thought that this was his main and only force, before he ran back out in seemingly disarray, taking pretty high casualties in the progress.

The Sith, smelling victory and blood, followed him outside in a great charge. When Berend and his remaining troops reached the rocks they took cover and returned fire. The Sith were suppressed and massacred by the cross fire.
Karlinger was able to take the base, take some prisoners and found information. He executed every person of the base who was of no use and contacted the Republic with the Sith comm tower when it was repaired.

Impressed by his skills, he was made captain. He was at that point approached by our Commander Frederik Kaiy. Frederik Kaiy was looking for experienced personnel suitable for black-ops missions for this newly made SDI. The parent branch SiS recommended Berend Karlinger at this point for both his skills and his connections which might come in use at some point.

Commander Kaiy did not fully trust Karlinger at that point though, because he could not fully agree with his methods. He reduced him in rank to Major, so he could better keep him reigned in if needed.

-End of report, still ongoing investigations might add more data at later points.


By Slugmaniac
The two Sergeants sat down at one of the few free tables in the Admiral's Watch.

"So where was I? Oh yeah.

Berend Karlinger

Or Commander Karlinger, if we're going to refer to him properly. Seriously, when this guy says jump, you say "from which building?"
Where was he born? Coruscant. Born into some high-flyer family, stocks and shares I think. Father had this exec. job at Merr-Sonn.
What do you mean, what's Merr-Sonn? You poo-doo, Brick. You know? The people who make all the Republic's blasters. Artillery? You do know, Brick, stop shaking your head, you idiot.

So, yeah, little Berend get chauffeured around with Dad 24/7, going to all kinds of important shit, trade deals, experimental testing, you name it, he went there. Actually, maybe it was all that radiation that fried his brain, made him the man he is today. Worked for you, anyway, Brick.

I'm joking, Brick, stop crying.

So, anyway, all this father-son bonding turns out to have made the young Commander into one of the most arrogant sons of bitches the universe has ever had the bad luck to spew out. Ridiculous deadlines, ordering trade routes through pirate space, you name it, if it was a nasty move, he'd do it, just, you know, anything to keep on lining his pockets and making him the Republic's new golden boy.
He did not give any semblance of a shit for his minions, like Johnson, you know, from boot camp? Yeah. Karlinger sent him on some scouting run for a new trade route, guy's never heard from again. "Unforseen consequences", they call it. Bullshit, I call it.

So anyway, with all his high-profile assignments, this guy gets the experiences we'll never get, sees things I never want to. Like Bryan down in the armoury, he told me they were doing some sarlacc mating experiments. I would seriously not want to get between two sarlaccs. Slimy.

Ew. Lost my train of thought, sorry.

So Karlinger's now some kind of genius with weapons, nuclear, biochemical, plasma, all kinda experimental shit i thought only the commando's got. You don't mess with a guy who's got the power of a dreadnought coming out his ass, you get me? Doesn't mean anyone liked him though. Top brass thought he was some kind of God-send, but clearly the ones with brains knew different. Us non-coms and enlisted, we knew just what kind of a creep he is. If he ever wants you for something, Brick, just pretend to be ill or something, I like you. You're only, what, 24?

Let me tell you, when this guy was 24, he'd already surpassed his father in rank, and gained the unofficial position of Chief Arsehole of the Galaxy. And this was when the deals started getting dirty, even by his standards.
Rumour has it Karlinger started hiring slavers and refugees for cheap labour, enlisting mercenaries to keep them in line. No trace of any of his deals though, this guy was a professional, don't doubt that.

Apparently he wasn't as fool-proof as he would have liked though. Some Mandalorians and Trandoshans all took a pop out of him, I hear it was luck and a handy grenade launcher that he keeps by his bed that means he's still alive today. Some rookie tried to bomb him too, the idiot flew straight into some massively obvious deflector shield. Trust me, Karlinger's got nine lives, eight of which he does not deserve.
Things started to catch up with him though, and the bigwigs who owned the slave-run factories threw him out before someone paid to have them assassinated too. For some reason the supposedly intelligent Commander decided not to go along with this, opting instead, in his infinite wisdom, to go rogue, create an army of mercs and pirates, and wage some underground warfare against the Republic.

I know, right? The twat.

After some pretty hectic space skirmishes, Karlinger finally comes to his senses and surrenders, too everyone's relief. But instead of handing himself in, get this, the bastard runs halfway across the galaxy, into the arms of some admiral who was pally with his dad! And instead of a court marshal, the lucky sonuvabitch is given his commision! Un-fucking-believable!

Apparently the Republic was running short of officers. They must have been. The Sith had just invaded, and all these new units were formed, including ours, incidentally, who were all equipped with all this snazzy new equipment he'd designed. And his luck didn't just end there. Some General quickly saw his experience and promoted him basically straight away, and gave him a light cruiser near Geonosis.

Wasn't long until he saw some action, either. Some Sith infiltrator's somehow slipped through the front lines, and Karlinger gets lumped with dealing with them. And I'll give the man this. He kicked some serious ass. No one ever found out how he caused all those ships to self-destruct, and told the Geonosians to look skywards for some fireworks on a planet-wide announcement. That was some classy destruction.

So, more promotions come his way, and a nice snug desk job back on Coruscant. Ironically, he, again, was put in charge of creating new supply lines right across Republic space, to some new worlds too, I heard, and Kasshyyk.

I went there once. Nice place. Hairy people.

When he was there though, that was when the big one hit, and those damn Sith invaded coruscant. Still no idea how they managed that. Killed some good men. Man, I hate them.
But, going back, his superiour gets vaporized in some carpet bombing that day, and Karlinger's supply line project gets cancelled. But, in a sick twist of fate, his old colleagues at Merr-Sonn get in touch. Suddenly they're all friendly again, now they want some new weapons and armour for the Republic's finest.

That means us, Brick.

So the guy basically craps his own pants at his streak of luck, and dives into the trade agreement. Bryan told me that production began, after Karlinger designed some new stuff, at all kinds of secret locations across the galaxy, even some in Sith space.

Turns out the Merr-Sonn chaps weren't as stupid as they look, though. They flatly demanded that Karlinger would get a dishonorable discharge as their only condition, basically destroying the guy's reputation overnight.
Someone over here saw some potential in him, though, probably Admiral Kaiy up top, and he got enlisted.

Ah, speak of the devil. Here he comes now, sitting down over at that table over there.

He's wearing the same uniform as us, though. Sergeant Karlinger.

Doesn't that make you feel great, Brick? So
fucking great."

feel free to leave any comment Happy this forum is slighly wider than ours i noticed, now the text is all weird
Mad Wookie
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Berend Karlinger
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