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 The Charter of the Paladins

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PostSubject: The Charter of the Paladins   1/10/2009, 5:26 am

╠Paragon Paladins╣

In defiance of death, we shall have victory
Heroes together; Paragon forever!

The Paragon Charter
This charter should be read and understood by all Paragon applicants and members.
If you have any questions or remarks do not hesitate to contact an Officer or the Guild Leader.

Guild Rules:

To help this guild become drama-free, certain rules must be respected by Paladins and Officers alike.

* No Use Of Excessive Swearing *
Excessive swearing is not tolerated when in the presence of civilized people, and that's exactly what we want our Paladins to be. Civilized.

* No Harassment Of Any Kind *
This includes gender discrimination, racism, talk of radical theories and the like.

* No Official Paragon Statement Making *
No-one but the General has the right to make official statements and threads without the General's permission.
This includes things like making official Paragon Threads, or declaring something drastic such as "We are changing server" or "We are accepting all classes and levels".

General Guidelines:

Be Respectful - Not only to your fellow Paladin, but to everyone that you meet in the game and in the game community.
Willing to help - Help out around the guild if you can.
Willing to listen - Help Guild Members with their problems and listen to new ideas.
Communicate - Don't hesitate to voice your opinions on guild matters that interest you.
Positive attitude - Every member, Paladin and Officer, are advised to have an open mind, and a friendly attitude. Everybody has their off days, but don't take it out on the guild.

Remember! We are all rolemodels. Behave like you want other Paladins to behave.

~ Charter was last edited 30.05.2011 ~

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The Charter of the Paladins
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