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A Republic detachment for Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG
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 What you need to know!

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Razz L'ithar
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PostSubject: What you need to know!   18/9/2009, 6:18 pm


The guild is founded and dedicated to The Old Republic MMO
  • Galactic Republic aligned
    All Republic classes allowed
    International recruitment with an emphasis on Europe
    Strict recruitment as opposed to mass invites
    English is the official guild language
    You're required to be 15 years old or older
    Headed for a European server (RP-PvE)
    Casual gamers' guild
    Friendly and mature gaming environment

Mission Statement:

Our relatively small guild aims to establish a friendly and shoulders down-type of atmosphere, perfect for the casual gamer. You'll not be forced to play a certain way. You'll not be forced to roleplay. You'll not be forced to join scheduled raids. We want the Paragon Paladins guild to facilitate fun, and to improve the experience of playing The Old Republic for everyone involved.

We want to be known for our quality members and positive attitude towards gaming and Star Wars.

Fun. Cooperation. Maturity. No drama.

Be sure that our casual approach does not indicate that we are without aspirations for the game. Far from it. We believe that we'll be able to achieve great things in TOR through devotion and cooperation.
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What you need to know!
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