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 Read me, Application Form!

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Razz L'ithar
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PostSubject: Read me, Application Form!   15/8/2009, 10:58 am

The application form

For your application to be valid, you need to apply using this application form.

a) Create a new thread in the Application Center forum
b) Name your thread: "Application - YourNameHere"
c) Copy all of the questions found below, and paste them in your application thread
d) Wait for application to be processed. This will take 4+ days, so in the meantime please try to be active and let people get to know you

Thank you for applying.

PS Please answer all questions, do not leave any blank. Give some thought to presentation and punctuation.
PPS: Please Bold the questions so it's easier for us to read it!


Personal Information:

Name: (feel free to skip this if you're not comfortable with supplying us with your name)
Character Name:
Location & Timezone:

TOR Username:

Gaming questions:

* How would you describe your playstyle and attitude towards online gaming?

* How much time per week do you estimate you'll be playing ToR?

* What class (and role) are you considering for you main?

* Are you going to have alts? If so, What other roles and classes are you considering for alts?

* What massively multiplayer have you played in the past?

* Have you used voice communication (Ventrilo/Teamspeak) and would you be comfortable with it?

* Which appeals to you most; PvE, PvP, Roleplaying or Crafting?

TOR/Roleplaying related questions:

* How familiar do you feel you are with TOR (it's features, lore etc?)

* What drew you towards playing a Republic and/or a Light-Sided Character?

* Have you roleplayed in the past?

* Would you be fine with RP Server rules? Such as proper Character Names and respecting other roleplayers? Furthermore, if you do not have a proper roleplaying name here on the forum (your username) would you be fine with changing that to your character name?

Guild/Paragon Paladins related questions:

* What gaming Guild(s) have you belonged to in the past?

* How long were you in said Guild(s), playing what games, and why did you leave?

* Where did you hear about the Paragon Paladins?

* What specifically appeals to you about the Paragon Paladins?

* What do you want from the Paragon Paladins?

* What can you offer the Paragon Paladins?

* Did you hold a position of authority or responsibility in your previous guild, if so what? (examples are officer, recruitment officer, class leader, forum mod)

* Do you have aspirations for a leadership postition within this guild?

* What are your thoughts on the Paragon Paladin's commission to defend the Galactic Republic against any and all threats?

* What do you think will be required of the Paragon Paladin's members in order to be successful in TOR?

Miscellaneous information:
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Read me, Application Form!
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